Head-Royce School's Green Mission statement was re-crafted in 2019 to provide a healthy school environment while promoting ecological sustainability. The School's ongoing commitment to cultivating constructive and responsible global and local citizens can be seen from our infrastructure to our faculty- and student-led initiatives.


Head-Royce is committed to providing an organizational culture, a physical space and an educational program that models and promotes environmental health and sustainability. To that end, the school will:

  • Embrace an eco-centric and sustainable mindset in its decision making and practices;
  • Incorporate sustainable practices in the school’s facilities and operations that maximize energy efficiency and ecosystem services, as well as minimize resource consumption, waste production and toxin use;
  • Continue to emphasize sustainability, environmental health, nutrition, personal responsibility, leadership and connection to the community beyond the school in our educational program.


Here are just some of the ways we are carrying out our Green Mission!